Summer block scented candles


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Handpoured SOY BLEND Scented Pillar Candles

Pillars are made using

Scented with 8% fragrance, giving them a strong scent throw.

Square- 7.5cm tall, diameter 5cm

Lemon and lime
Snow fairy
Vanilla + Bean

It is IMPORTANT ON FIRST BURN to set the candle burning memory in order to get the most from your candle. MY PILLARS FIRST BURN SHOULD BE NO LESS THAN APPROX 2.5 -3 hrs. Allow a full melt pool each burn to avoid tunnelling. Hug in the edges of the candle after each burn, once wax has cooled slightly for a more even future burn.

All orders come cellophane gift wrapped.


Many scents available, please message me if you’d like a particular scent.


Orange & Cinnamon, Snow fairy, Unscented


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