Nature Wax C3 wax flakes


Nature Wax C3 Soy Wax Flakes

with heat resistant glue dots and wick.

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Set 1,500g wax,10 x Wedo eco wicks and 10 x heat resistant glue dots.
Set 2,1kg wax +10 x Wedo eco wicks and 10 x heat resistant glue dots.
Set 3,750g wax +10x Wedo eco wicks and 10x heat resistant glue dots.

Nature Wax C-3 is a 100% soy wax which is ideal for container candles. Super clean burning, very low shrinkage. Comes in easy-to-measure flakes.

Nature Wax C-3 has good adhesion to containers, which can be improved, especially during winter months by pre-heating jars.

  • In flake form – easy to measure, handle and use
  • Melting point: 48 – 50°c
  • Pour Temperature: 55 – 65°C
  • Max Fragrance Load: 7 – 8%

C-3 has an exceptional scent throw with both fragrances and essential oils and a creamy white appearance with some potential to bloom (white frosting) when using dyes. It also has little or no frosting if used correctly.

Candles made with C-3 have a soft creamy appearance. C-3 Wax has a fragrance load of ~6%.

Wedo eco wicks 120mm long

Wedo Eco Wick, a high quality wick appropriate for paraffin, soy and vegetable waxes whether with or without dye and/or fragrances. The wick is already firmly incorporated into a sustainer (metal tab) ready for placing into a heat resistant container.
Wedo Eco wick is a high grade flat, coreless ring-spun cotton and incorporates thin paper filaments and threads interlaced providing a more stable and consistent burn. The self-trimming wick stance minimizes or eliminates carbon deposit formation and greatly reduces afterglow.

Container Size (Width) recommendation:
ECO 0.5: 50mm
ECO 1: 55mm
ECO 2: 60mm
ECO 4/6: 65mm
ECO 8/10: 70mm
ECO 12: 75mm

ECO 14: 80mm