Cinnamon & Lavender soy candle


Apple + Cinnamon twist with lavender scented soy candle.
? Vegan friendly.
? Cruelty free.
? Recycle metal tin.

About the product:

Apple + Cinnamon twist with lavender-scented soy candle.
? Vegan friendly.
? Cruelty-free.
? Recycle metal tin.
We’re specialists in candles that help people stay calm, less anxious, and stress by using scented oil in soy candles. Natural scented oil APPLE & CINNAMON + LAVENDER and Himalayan salt are very popular with our customers.
Researchers concluded that certain usage and delivery of them could reduce stress and negative moods or anxiety.
Thanks for supporting our small business.
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Handmade with love.

? Himalayan salt with Apple & Cinnamon scented oil.
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